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Hello and Welcome to the FERP Community!

Welcome to the Fire Emblem RP Wiki

Starting in March 2012, FERP (short for Fire Emblem Role Playing) began as a small group of fans from around the globe banding together to form an RP twitter group that is set in the fantasy world that people have come to know as Fire Emblem. Similar to the games, we act out different scenarios from clashing swords with enemies (or allies) to lighthearted slice-of-life scenes, and everything else in between!

If you are reading this then you must be an interested writer seeking to know more about this community and the people within it. Look no further! This wiki will serve as your guide to the vast world of FERP. Here you will find information about characters from all across the Fire Emblem Series, canon or original.

Before you go off and create your own page for your character, take a look around and see what this community has to offer!

Thank you for visiting, let's begin your journey.