Sabre Blue

"Thought I was dead? Well think again. I'm a mercenary with a past I'd rather not talk about. I'm the eldest brother in the Nordion Family"
Twitter @Deceitfulkiller
Species Human
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Green
Hair Dark Green
Class Swordmaster

Sabre Blue has long, dark green hair tied in a ponytail that reaches his mid-back. He has a scar coming from the bottom of his mid-left jaw. He wears blue swordmaster robes with a gold lining.

Sabre is a quick and precise swordmaster that works only for himself and his family. He works in an underground society as a mercenary for only the highest bidders. His birthday is August 22nd

He stands at 6 feet 4 inches (6'4")

Personality Edit

Sabre Blue is a very pessimistic, easily angered and dark man. He is extremely reserved and outright hostile towards strangers. He is a noble in every right and acts as such.

Though initially cold to new people, he can become very kind and giving to those he feels is worthy of his kindness. Even though he was at war with his family for a while, he has since began to become protective over them, and is willing to do almost anything for them.

Due to his Grimleal past, he did terrible things for terrible people, and has since began to atone for his former actions. He feels as though he isn't worth forgiveness despite his families constant love for him. He knows they are trying to help him, but he has trouble working outside his profession as a mercenary.

History Edit

- To be implemented -

Skills/Abilities Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Sabre is human, so what can kill a normal person can also kill him.

Weapons Edit

As a swordsmaster, Sabre is generally seen using any sword, though he tends to either the silver sword or the Superior Edge as his go-to weapons of choice.

Trivia Edit

- His in game skills are as follows:

Astra, Swordfaire, Vantage, Wrath, Armsthrift

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